The Dance Convention World

Oct 22, 2018 | 0 comments

Growing up as a dancer in the convention world can be tough. As a young girl all I wanted to do was dance as much as I could and when I joined my studio’s dance team I had no idea what my next 7 years would look like.

You spend hours in the dance studio on weekdays and weekends practicing dances over and over again. You spend time trying on costumes, practicing makeup and hair which is all stuff I loved. In all honesty, dance is the only reason I know how to do my hair and makeup. You get excited, confused, tired, sore and bruised, but you stick with it. Why? Because dance means too much to you.

After all that you pack up the car and drive to a snazzy hotel for a weekend dance convention. Saturday morning you wake up early and get ready to spend a fun filled day enjoying dance classes. Except, everyone around you is doing flips around the room, holding their leg up to their face, doing 15 pirouettes. It’s nothing like your dance studio, you feel intimidated and as the day goes on you learn that everyone is competing for scholarships. Suddenly dance is more like a sport rather than an art form.

Let me tell you something, you don’t need to be worried about getting a scholarship, or being pulled out by the teacher. Yes, it’s amazing to have everyone in the room screaming as you kill it on the dance floor, and yes, it’s amazing to win “money” but that’s not how it is in the real dance world. When you walk into a audition, everyone there wants the part as much, if not more than you. If you aren’t confident enough in yourself to mess up in front of everyone and learn from it, then you wont get very far.

Trust me, everyone struggles with jealousy and self doubt. It’s too easy to get discouraged when everyone in the room is very talented. So I encourage you to do your research about dance styles, choreographers, agencies, auditions, etc. Ask yourself if you are willing to work your butt off to have a career in this industry. If you know why you dance, and where you want to end up, then you are already have the upper hand.

Currently I’m traveling with LA Dance Magic as a member of their dance company so I will be talking about the Convention world often. There is so much you can learn about dance in those ballrooms, but there is so much more to learn outside of them.



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