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Professionalism is one of the most important and valuable tools for any artist in the entertainment industry. Knowing how to act in auditions and on set is something that can make or break your career.

So what is professionalism? Professionalism is what is sounds like, it’s professional behavior which includes your actions, words and body language. It’s how you present yourself at all times and when I say all times, I mean AT ALL TIMES! Being a professional means that you are always in a professional mindset even when you aren’t working. This means you don’t gossip about co-workers, you don’t complain, you don’t bad mouth the project you’re working on. You never know who may be listening or watching!

Nowadays, word travels really fast. Because of the internet and cell phones, information can be shared in an instant which is all the more reason to be careful what you say and do. Maintaining a professional image is the best way to help your career. Don’t post weird or negative things on your social medias. (What you post is out there forever!) Don’t gossip with your friends over text.  As a matter of fact, Don’t gossip at all! If you really need to get a negative thought out of your head, write it down on paper, rip it up, throw it away and move on.

Body language is another way to show your professionalism. Stand tall with your chin up. Don’t slouch because that makes you look timid and you want to look (and feel) confident. Present yourself in a way that will show you mean business but not in a prideful way. There is a line between confidence and pride and it’s important to know that. Pride goes hand and hand with entitlement and no one wants to work with someone with a big ego.

I cannot stress enough how important professionalism is for your career! Knowing how to act in this industry will take you so far, especially if you work hard to always present yourself confidently. So take a moment to evaluate your daily habits. Are you presenting yourself in a professional way?


  1. Beatris Hoffmann

    I was thinking about it few days ago, if people really understand of professionalism means. It is fantastic that you so early already have this value inside yourself. Congrats I am a huge fan of your blog and yours as well.

    • Marin Rylee

      Thank you! It’s definitely a struggle against human nature. I’m really glad that you relate!


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