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Dec 4, 2018 | 1 comment

In a recent post I talked about 4 Healthy Habits that I try to follow each day, and a few of you asked what natural face cleanser and facial moisturizer recipes I use. Disclaimer! These aren’t my recipes! I found them on Pinterest and decided to try them out. They have both worked really well for me and I hope you like them as well!

DIY All-Natural Toning & Clarifying Foaming Face Wash This recipe was created by Nadia who posted it on her blog.  This face wash has made my skin clean and clear. Before I started using this Face wash I was using a facial toner that I would apply after washing my face. Now, after a few months of using Nadia’s recipe, I use the face wash as my toner. (hence the name) Here’s Nadia’s recipe! 

DIY Facial Moisturizer This facial moisturizer recipe was created by Adrienne who is the writer of Whole New Mom.  This recipe is simple, natural and can be customized to fit your personal taste. I’ve loved using this moisturizer and I think you will too. Here’s Adrienne’s recipe!

 You may be wondering how this post relates to my other posts. Well, the entertainment industry is all about performing, and as artists we need to not only look healthy, but live healthy. If you want to be a performer, it’s important to learn how to keep your skin looking its best. Your face is the money maker so why not take care of it?  Whether or not you want to try natural beauty products is totally up to you, but either way it’s important to keep a routine to ensure that you are taking care of your skin.


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  1. Beatris Hoffmann

    Hello Marin
    Love your posts, but this one is just incredible. Every woman knows how important the day care with skin is important and this recipes that you are giving in so important because LA with its weather (dry) just destroy our skin.
    Good job Marin.


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