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Depending on what career path you’re pursuing, you will most likely need to know how to do your makeup well. As artists our faces are on display and we want to look our best.

All of us have personal taste and style that gives us individuality, and makeup is a great way to feature your personality. Your eyes and hair will determine what colors will really show off your best features. Playing around with different colors will give you knowledge of what you like and what makes you feel the most confident.

Some people like more intense makeup looks with bold colors, long thick lashes, and a nice sharp winged eyeliner. Others (like me) tend to go for a more natural look where you have a simple eyeshadow, brows, and lashes. Now that’s not to say that you can’t do both. It’s very important to be versatile in your makeup abilities. You should practice a day to day natural look, as well as a go to stage makeup look.

A common question that almost every person asks is, “do I have to spend hundreds of dollars on name brands?” Naturally the name brands will be better quality most of the time (hence the price) but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find cheaper brands that work just as well. Plus, you can always find great deals on name brands at places like Ulta Beauty. Brands like Fenty Beauty, Anastasia, and Tarte are brands I use and love, but I also use a tinted moisturizer that I bought at Target.

Do your research! Find out what brands have the best reviews. If you’re like me, you may want to look into a more natural brand that is cruelty free. For example, I use a natural mascara by “W3ll People” because I’d rather wear makeup that isn’t full of nasty chemicals. That being said, makeup isn’t natural and sometimes you have to use better quality makeup vs the better quality ingredients.

Makeup is definitely a learning curve and you get better every time you put on your makeup. You can watch tutorials to practice techniques and try cool makeup looks. It’s all about trial and error, you will like one mascara more than another. One day your makeup wont look as good, and the next day it will look great. As long as you practice, you’ll start to feel comfortable experimenting with colors and styles.


  1. Tilda Rohlander

    I totally agree, as an artist being good at makeup is a great advantage. Love this post!

    I get inspired to play around more, because color can truly make some feuture on your face stand out even more.

    For instance with my green eyes, I’ve heard purple is great for my eyes. I felt that it would be too much but a makeup artist decided to try it on me & let me say wow..

    Love reading your blog. We have very much in common. Check out my blog too if you want ❤️

    • Marin Rylee

      It’s totally true that different eye colors work well with certain pigments and shades. It’s super interesting to experiment! Also I love the blog!


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