Knowing Yourself As An Artist

Dec 14, 2018 | 0 comments

As people, we naturally have different personalities, body types, looks and more. As “artists,” we have different sounds, styles, looks, and brands. Knowing when and how you work is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself and (you) as the brand.

Are you someone who focuses best in the morning or at night? If you skip a workout, is your day noticeably better or worse? Is it important for you to eat first thing in the morning to get yourself going? These are just simple questions that you as a person and artist need to know about yourself, in order to be productive as much as possible.

As a singer, I’ve been learning ways to keep my voice as healthy as possible. I’ve experimented with drinking different teas and seeing what happens to my voice when I do vs don’t drink tea before singing. I’ve also experimented with how my voice sounds at different times of day, so that I know when my voice sounds its best.

As a dancer, I’ve learned how my body operates over the years. When I wake up in the morning, my muscles are normally sore and it helps to do some light stretching. I’ve also have figured out that my hamstrings and my upper back are normally hold the most tension. Since I know this about myself, I know that I need to focus on those areas a little more than others.

It’s important to know your current habits as well as habits you should include into your day. In this industry you need to be ready at all times and you want to be as consistent as possible. Find out what routines work for you so that you can be the most productive. Keep your body healthy and strong so that you can continue with a career that you love.

Here’s a great question to get you started: Would you say you are a morning or night person? (a.k.a. when are you most productive?) Comment below!


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