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Nov 3, 2018 | 6 comments

What inspires you to write your own music? Are you someone who loves poetic lyrics? Maybe you just love the process of creating rhythm. Whatever the product looks like, you should figure out what inspires you to keep creating.

Writing music is something that has been in my life for a while, but it really picked up in the past year. One day I’ll have an idea for a song and it will take me an hour to write. Other days, I can’t seem to be inspired by anything. This inconsistency is why music can be so hard to create. As an artist you fall into a pattern of inspiration vs discouragement. Just like life there are ups and downs, but that’s why art is so exciting right?

If you’re like me, a song comes on and you can get lost in the sound, the story, and the rhythm of it. You think to yourself, this is exactly what I want to create! But where do you start? You can’t copy a song that someone else wrote, produced, and sang. So how do you get started with an original idea? That’s where the inspiration comes in. Where you find your inspiration is a huge step in creating an original song.

Personally, I find inspiration while listening to music swinging on my backyard swing. I know this may sound weird, but its my creative process. When I’m alone outside with headphones on, I visualize stories to songs I’m listening to. Then I’m able to create a story for a song that is personal to me, without ripping off someone else’s work. There is a difference between stealing someone’s product, and taking inspiration from it.

I also get a lot of inspiration from poetry and quotes. The way the words come together and create a deep story within a few sentences baffles me. The language of poetry is something I want to apply to my music because it makes me feel something. Emotion is what it’s all about! What impacts your life so much and propels you to want to create? Find that thing, and the creativity will flow right out of you.

“There is freedom in waiting for you, on the breeze of the sky, and you ask what if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” -Ernest Hemingway




  1. Tiantian Sun

    Hi, I am a songwriter as well, and I feel you. To me, the melody most of time come from nowhere, it could be just when i was in the right mood. And musicians today works a lot more harder than they were 10,20 years ago, you have to everything, write songs and produce it, and even take music videos, and like you dancing. So, I wish you the best of luck, and dreams come true.

    • mradmin

      Hi Tiantian! It’s always cool to hear how artists and musicians get inspired. I’m also very excited that the accessibility to create has grown so much in past years. It allows us to be a step closer to our goals.

  2. Diane Katumba

    Hi Marin, I’m an artist and I write songs too. I definitely relate to what you’re saying. The way I do it is I usually just topline, so I go through beats until I find something that touches my soul and I start writing melodies to that!

    • mradmin

      Hi Diane! That’s super cool that you get inspired by beats! Personally that’s one of my favorite parts of music and I totally understand getting inspired in that way.

  3. Beatris Hoffmann

    One of the most emotional things in life to me is music, writing a song is not just make it made sense, it is also evolves love, spiritualism, passion, emotion and much more. Love your post

    • mradmin

      Thank you so much! I totally agree that music is so much more than sounds. It’s a language that we all experience in different ways.


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