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Nov 14, 2018 | 1 comment

Auditioning is a very confusing and tricky part of this industry. Every audition is different and you can never really know what to expect. As a dancer in particular, it’s very important to look the part because it’s hard to show a character when you don’t have a talking role.

Dance auditions are kinda weird when you’re my age, because you aren’t legally and adult, but you’re also not a kid. Of the auditions I’ve gone to, I’ve had to dress “young” for the role. For example, Disney is geared to a young teen audience so why would they hire kids who look old. I made sure I didn’t have a lot of makeup on and that my clothes were fun and bright. When auditioning for Disney, a smile goes a long way. When you get called for an audition you just have to do your best to be prepared for anything.

Now I’m sure some of you are wondering, what are auditions like when you walk inside? From my experience, you walk into the audition and get in a long line with other (in this case) dancers waiting to check in. You write down your name and agency, and answer a few other questions they might have. After that, whoever the choreographer is will teach the audition combo, and then they group you by number. Then you wait, and wait, and wait until they call your number. You do the combo maybe once or twice, and then they ask you to either stay or leave.

However, there are always rare occasions where you feel totally unprepared for the audition. For example, I recently was called for an audition that would take place at Debbie Reynolds dance studio. I had no idea what the audition was for and I showed up ready to play a young looking dancer. However, when I walked inside, the sign-in room was filled with 5 year olds dressed like little Disney Princesses. Feeling really out of place, I signed in and they had me fill out a sizing sheet. I then came to find out that I was at a modeling audition, not a dance audition. They kept asking me questions that I had to come up with answers for. If there is one thing auditions teach you, it’s how to improvise.

If you’re like me, auditioning is not your favorite part of this business. You show up and pray that you do your best, and then you leave. That’s all you can do. Be the best you that you can be in every situation.

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  1. Beatris Hoffmann

    I believe on my nightmare from my teenager time was addition for dance hahahaha, however, i am so in love with your blog because you understand the sense of emotion that dance can bring congrats


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