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Nov 15, 2018 | 2 comments

Creating content as an artist has become so important in this industry. Having videos that feature you and your talents are vital to creating a brand for yourself as an artist.

But what should I post? That honestly depends on your taste and resources. If you’re someone who would rather post a high quality acting reel, then you would need to ask around and get help from friends and family to create a great quality video. On the other hand, your brand may be more organic and you may want to post a casual cover video of you singing in your backyard. No matter what you envision, you will probably want help to create content that really features YOU.

I know as young artists it feels weird asking for help when creating personal artistic content. Trust me, I’ve struggled with this a lot. It feels very awkward because you’re sharing a part of yourself with those helping you. However, in all honesty, you will get better results by utilizing the people around you. You may know a great camera man(or woman) who can shoot the video for you. Maybe a friend of yours is amazing at editing music. In this industry, everyone needs content and you have no idea how many skilled people are a phone call away.

After you’ve planned out your video and you have all the help you need to get it done, start creating. This is the fun part! You get to build artistic content from scratch, and it’s your creation. Get in costume, do your makeup and hair, enjoy (singing, dancing, acting, etc). This is where the magic happens because you’re sharing your gift with the world! When you finish shooting a concept/cover video, you feel accomplished. You’ve put in hard work and lots of love to create and finish a project.

This business is all about relationships. The people you know will take you really far if you keep in good standards with them. You never know what the person next to you will be doing in 10 years. They may be the next hot actor, or they may be running a record label. Utilize the talented people around you because everyone benefits from good content in this industry.

If you’ve never created a video before and you aren’t sure what it should look like, take a look at my videos. Some are my creations and others I was asked to come on board for the project. Marin Rylee Youtube Channel


  1. Tiantian Sun

    HI, I think you have a pretty good idea about creating content, to me creating content is more than just create a post, but to go out and do things ,then you can share the things you do on social platform, not the other way around. because I think an artist need to be active on doing career relevant to get meaningful attention.

    • Marin Rylee

      I totally agree! Content is such a broad term and can be tailored to each individual person. That’s the beauty of the entertainment industry today!


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