How to Utilize Social Media?

Nov 8, 2018 | 0 comments

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with your fan base/audience. It’s the best way for them to keep up with you on a daily basis. The question is, “How to I utilize social media?”

For something that should be so simple, social media can be so complicated. The biggest problem with social media is that mixing personal life and business can be damaging to you. Many people use social platforms as a fun personal way to connect with friends and family, but for you these platforms should be used for businesses. You as an artist need to utilize platforms such as, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to build your brand awareness. You can’t post pictures, videos, or comments that hurt your brand image. Anything you post will be out there forever, even if you delete it. If you’re an actress who wants to star on Disney Channel then you cannot post picture of yourself partying at school. If you post things that degrade your professional image, it will hurt your career.

So how do I present myself in a professional way? Really think about what your brand is and represent that in your bio. Your bio and profile pic are the first things people look at. If you have a profile picture that doesn’t show your face and is hard to see, people might not take the time to look at your page. Choose a picture that is light, bright, and shows your face. People want to know what you look like from the beginning. Next, figure out your bio. What is your career path and how can you let people know? Do you have an agent or a website? Do you have a YouTube channel people can check out to see more? How can you get them interested in you?


Alright, you have a good bio and profile picture but what about content? What kind of artist are you? If you’re a singer you can create cover videos of yourself singing. Post pictures of you doing fun day-in-the-life activities that show you in a positive light. Post original songs or dance choreography. If you are presenting yourself as an artist then you need to show people you’re an artist. Don’t only post pictures of nature or food just because it matches your feed. (Posts with your face in them have a higher percentage of likes!) Engagement is the name of the game. You want people to see your photo or video, and you want them to comment, like, or follow you. Posting a picture of you at acting class will do much better than posting a picture of your brunch.

Hashtags and Geo Tags are another way to build your audience. When I post a video of myself dancing, I write a comment that matches the video, and I post hashtags at the bottom of the comment. Hashtags are a great way to get your posts to more people. Therefore, the more hashtags, the better chance that more people will see your posts. “ONLY POST HASHTAGS THAT RELATE TO YOUR POST!” This is another mistake many people make. If you are posting a photo of you in the recording studio, don’t post #starbucks. Unless there is a Starbucks cup in the photo there is no need to put that hashtag because it doesn’t make any sense. Geo Tags are another element to element to get your post seen by more people. You simply enter the location of the picture and your post will link up with posts at the same location.

Social media is a business platform that can really help you build a fan base if used correctly. As long as you present yourself professionally and show your personality, you’ll be golden!





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