Educating Yourself as a Dancer

Nov 1, 2018 | 4 comments

Taking different dance styles is critical for building your portfolio. If you are serious about dancing, teaching, or choreographing on a professional level, then you need to be versatile in multiple styles.

Most likely you feel more confident in one style vs another. This is totally natural because we are all created differently. However, that doesn’t mean you get to skip out on tap class just because you aren’t good at it. You may not feel confident in tap right now, but that doesn’t mean you never will. It’s important for you to learn sooner than later that all styles are important when you’re working professionally. You may walk into an audition prepared for a cute, fun Disney audition, only to find out that you need ballet shoes and a leotard. This happens way more than you realize. Every time you head out for an audition you need to be ready for anything and any style. This means clothes, shoes, hair and makeup.

Depending on where you live and what stage of your career you are in, you have access to a certain range of classes. First and foremost your home studio teaches certain dance styles that you have easy access to. This is an easy way to introduce yourself to different or new styles of dance. Maybe you don’t have access to a great home studio with easy accessible classes, but there is another option. The internet. Yes, the internet. YouTube has tons of dance tutorials and videos of amazing dancers that you can learn from. One day I decided I wanted to learn how to pop and lock, so I pulled up a couple YouTube videos, closed my bedroom door and started learning. It can be that easy.

Another thing that is super important for your career is knowing about choreographers. This has been a challenge for me so I have spent a lot of time researching. The reason for this for this is pretty simple: these are the people who you will be working for. Don’t you want to know information about them?  When you go to a restaurant you want to know about your food before you spend your time and money don’t ya? It’s so important to know who is choreographing for award shows, television, and movies because these are the people who will want to hire you. It’s also really easy to find these people on Instagram, YouTube, Wiki and more.

After saying all that, find out what classes you can take and with what teacher. Do your research. Don’t take class for granted because then you won’t grow. If dance is something you are truly serious about then you need to be willing to do the work. “You never know what you can do until you try, and very few people try unless they have to.” – C.S. Lewis



  1. Angelika

    Hey Marin! I really liked your post about how to educate yourself as a dancer. I am more on the music business side, but being a dancer as an artist can help make you more special and distinguish yourself from your competition. If I would be longing for a career as a dancer or be an artist myself, I would take as many different dancing classes and work with different choreographers to develop my style, uniqueness, and professionalism. As you write – to be really successful, you have to know your craft and be diverse. Just look at Beyoncé – for me she is the ultimate superstar, she can dance almost any dance style and owns it! I think your blog post will help aspiring dancers to realize what they have to do to be successful. Exciting to read more!

    • mradmin

      Thank you Angelika! I think in any aspect of the industry it’s very important to be versatile and I agree that Beyoncé is a perfect example of that.

  2. Beatris Hoffmann

    Hi Marin great post about dancing, really love. I was dancer before and it just throw me back 15 years ago. I really l love it because you describe how important is to be educate and also about the choreographers.

    • mradmin

      Hi Beatris! That’s awesome that you were a dancer! I’m glad you were able to relate because it’s always fun meeting fellow dancers.


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