Marin Rylee


Dancer, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Actress, Model and Drummer…needless to say Marin Rylee has many talents and many aspirations. A native Los Angeleno, Marin has been exposed to some of the entertainment industry’s greatest talents and teachers, including but not limited to: Darryl and Linda Retter, Jackie Sleight, Joe Tremaine, Michael Rooney, Will Thomas, Ferly Prado, Bobby Amamizu, Christian Vincent, Katherine McCormick, Chris Fields, Carolyne Barry, and Denny Diante.

Her passion for performing was born on the dance floor at a young age. Training in all dance styles, Marin grew up dancing as a competition kid with Retter’s Academy of Dance. For seven years, Marin attended dance conventions and competitions with her company, though her focus was never on winning. Then in fall of 2017, Marin joined LA Dance Magic’s traveling company and eventually became a member of Pro-Track. Assisting some of the industry’s top dancers and choreographers, Marin travels the country every weekend dancing, working and loving every second of it.

Over the last few years, Marin has channeled her love of music into songwriting and music production. Utilizing programs such as, Ableton Live and Pro Tools, Marin produces original content from her home studio. She credits James Bay, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and NF as musical influences. Never one to shy away from a challenge, her primary instrument is the drums. Female drummers are such a rarity but her dance background allowed her to pick up the instrument very easily.

Marin’s dreams and aspirations are as diverse as her extensive skill set. From eight hour rehearsal days in heels, to late night studio sessions, Marin Rylee is ready to take the stage!

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