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Dec 6, 2018 | 3 comments

I wanted to share something with you all today. As artists we all deal with rejection and the feeling that no one understands us. One moment we will be ready to take on the world, and the next moment we are ready to quit and go home. I want you to know that this is totally normal and something that I personally have been dealing with. Art is this crazy love hate relationship that is a continuous circle of emotion. I wanted to share a poem by Ernest Hemingway with you all, because it resonated with me, and it might with you as well.

If I showed you my teardrops,
Would you collect them like rain,
Store them in jars,
That are labelled with “Pain”,
Would you follow their tracks,
From my eyes down my cheeks,
As they write all the stories,
I’m too scared to speak,
Would you stop them with kisses,
Bring their flow to a halt,
As you teach me that pain,
Isn’t always my fault,
Would you hold my face gently,
As you dry both my eyes,
And whisper the words,
“You’re too precious to cry”,
If I showed you my teardrops,
Would you show me your own,
And learn though we’re lonely,
We’re never alone.

– e. h.

If you are interested in more quotes and poems like this, take a look at my Inspirational Pinterest Board!



  1. Tilda

    Yes! Seriously I really appreciate reading your blog, perfect for anyone in the entertainment industry. Your posts really motivate me. Please don´t stop blogging after this class!

  2. sarah kitchen

    This was beautiful! You are so right on the artistry. Anything where we express ourselves is hard, and can feel lonely. But voicing it you realize almost everyone feels the same, and that we are all in this boat together 🙂 Thanks for sharing!/Sarah


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